Finally, we are free!

The well-sized island of Inisfail rests a short distance west of the island of Albion. Inisfail has a long history of folklore and culture from it’s celtic inhabitants who came to the island over one thousand years ago. Since the turn of medieval times, this island’s inhabitants have not known freedom.

First came the vikings by their longship fleets. Axes in hand, they raped and pillaged our people, and the land. They did not leave after raiding, but instead stayed behind for trade and eventually settled on the eastern coast. The city of Dublhinn became the center of the island’s trade and populace, and continued on past the days when the Viking invaders were driven off the island.

Next came the invaders from Neustria. The Neustrians were a fierce people from the mainland who first conquered Albion. In the years that followed, they used influence combined with force to spread their influence to Inisfail.

Last year, a force from the South of Inisfail clashed head on with the remaining forces of the Neustrian Duke, forcing him to surrender Dublhinn and flee Inisfail. The remaining Neustrians who had not yet melded with the people of Dublhinn fled the island.

The Dynasty of Ui Chennselaig, to which many dynasties can claim origin to, were placed at the head of the Dutchy of Dublhinn. But there was something concerning that worried the people that had finally gained their freedom. Duke Robert Ui Chennselaig’s late mother, was the aunt of the last Neustrian Duke of Dublhinn.

Now the Barons, Earles and Dukes of Inisfail jockey for power, free from foreign influence for the first time in many centuries. This is the story of the Rise of the Celts.

Lineage of Albion

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